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RED ANGPOW Receives RM300,000 Grant from Cradle Fund

Cradle Fund awarded CIP300 funding to RED ANGPOW Sdn Bhd (RED ANGPOW).

RED ANGPOW is a startup for a data-driven smartcity planning platform to help valuers, townplanners, city councils and developers make better decisions in townplanning and infrastructure building.

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) is Malaysia’s early stage start-up influencer, incorporated under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) in 2003. Cradle has a mandate to fund potential and high-caliber tech startups through its Cradle Investment Programme (CIP). Cradle Investment Programme 300 (CIP300) is a pre-seed programme which provides financial and value-added assistance up to RM300,000 for entrepreneurs to kick-start innovative technology-based business ventures.

RED ANGPOW will benefit from Cradle’s support services that are designed to help nurture, develop and prepare the companies for the challenges of building a tech start-up from the ground up. These value added support includes; An enhanced Coaching and Mentoring Programme throughout the funding period, Opportunity to be matched with potential investors, Match making with Cradle’s partners, Internal Training Programme to support creation, innovation and commercialisation, Participation in Business and Networking Events under Cradle, and Media and Public relation support among many others.

RED ANGPOW is part of Cyberview’s Living Lab Accelerator Programme in Cyberjaya.

For further information please contact Erhan Azrai at

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What does RED ANGPOW do?

It may sound innocuous but we at RED ANGPOW get variations of this question a lot whenever we meet new people at events and functions.

In short, RED ANGPOW aggregates, stores and organizes real estate market data from multiple unstructured sources to design and build data pipelines and a range of tools to provide information and insights to help homeowners, agents and developers make the decision.

For a FEE, of course. Not for free. (No, we have not introduced the price plan yet. But it is in the plan).


You can sample our products on the website such as search tools, analysis, and market updates.

Then, please head over to our main page at (Yes the tools look basic because we are solving the algorithm and the architecture bits first before spending time on the UI/UX because we can’t focus on too many things)


Data & AI

We focus on data and artificial intelligence (buzz word alert, honestly, we use Python a lot) to mine important data to make informed and smarter decisions. We are doing the hard work for you.

If you are a developer or a real estate investor, we can complete your due diligence and feasibility studies in a matter of minutes compared to weeks using traditional methods (OK, we now know how to do it quickly, but we currently are in the process of automating the workflow, you think it is easy ah?).


Apart from the real estate data startup, we also provide other services such as data analytics, locational intelligence, geo-analytics and custom-mapping with MapBox (most of which are in line with what we are doing as a setup).

We are more than pleased to entertain inquiries from government agencies, business organizations and members of the public who want to know more about RED ANGPOW.

Should you need help or just want to talk to us, please do not hesitate to contact or

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Use Data for Your Portfolio

This is gross rental yield vs transaction price for condominium and serviced residence property in Malaysia.

For real estate investors, using rental yield as yardstick to assess investment quality is the safest bet – especially for high-rise dwellings where capital appreciation is very hard to find in the current market.

It’s all about income – As a real estate investor, you must ascertain what is the realistic rental income of a target property can generate sustainability. The income figures are what matter the most.

The key to finding the best opportunity lies in the data. Data can tell you the best location, the sweet spot in-term built up size, the distance to to best amenities, the supply of units in the neighborhoods and, to avoid auction hotspots and places with negative sentiments.

By using KDE (Kernel Density Estimation) the chart below, we can see clearer the concentration of data points which in this case is gross rental yields% against price. In data science world, KDE provides vital display of information on data which include:

  • How the data is distributed around the measures of central tendency like mean and median
  • How the distribution is skewed
  • How the distribution is peaked

What other factors that influence gross rental yield? There are many variables that influences yield with wide variation in degree of significance. What we in the chart below is how main variables influences yield and does not mean it is the most significant variables.

Gross rental yield vs. Price vs. Built up size vs. (PSF) price per square feet.

Histograms show the density of each variables while scatter plots show individual data points. As you can see, Price and PSF have very clear inverse relationship with gross rental yield. The yield is lower for higher price and PSF. Lower rental yield indicates market excess and where supply is greater than demand.

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Sistem Interaksi Sektor Hartanah

“Sebelumnya belajar silat, mesti belajar isim dulu” – Pendekar Mustar, Pendekar Bujang Lapok

Seperti contoh kata Pendekar Mustar, kita kena belajar theory dulu sebelum mendalami ilmu hartanah.

Ini adalah sistem interaksi dalam sektor hartanah. Ada 3 komponen penting dalam hartanah. Pasaran Ruang, Pasaran Aset dan Industri Pembangunan.

Pasaran ruang ini juga dipanggil sebagai pasaran sewa. Pasaran sewa ini adalah yang paling cair, atau liquid sebab wujudnya banyak tuan rumah dan penyewa. Oleh itu ekuilibrium boleh dicapai dengan cepat dalam pasaran ini. Ada dua kadar yg penting – sewa dan occupancy

Sewa melambangkan nilai tunai yg tuan rumah akan dapat dan nilai yg sanggup dibayar oleh penyewa. Occupancy rate ialah kadar kependudukan semua hartanah dalam sesuatu lokasi. Ini adalah 2 faktor yg akan diambil kira dalam pasaran asset

Ini adalah pasaran aset. Dari sewaan tadi, kita dapat cashflow, dan kita boleh kira nilai hartanah kita tadi melalui discounted cashflow. Pasaran asset ini dimainkan oleh para pelabur yg menjual dan beli hartanah mengikut kadar pulangan tertentu.

Asas nilai hartanah ialah kebolehan hartanah utk hasilkan aliran tunai masa depan. Disebabkan pasaran aset ini kurang cair, ada masalah untuk mendapatkan nilai hartanah dengan tepat pada satu satu masa kerana tidak diniagakan setiap hari seperti pasaran saham.

Ini ialah industri pembangunan hartanah. Industri ini ada satu sahaja soalan asas. Adakah nilai hartanah setelah siap lebih dari kos pembangunan? Jika ya, bina. jika tidak, jgn bina.

Kita dapat lihat, sistem hartanah ini agak dinamik interaksinya. Sistem ini menghasilkan jenis dan bekalan hartanah yg sesuai utk kegunaan masyarakat. Jika ekonomi dan populasi sedang berkembang, semakin byk ruang yg diperlukan. sewa naik dan lebih byk hartanah dibina.

Namun, jika ekonomi menguncup, kita tidak akan musnahkan bangunan. Oleh itu, sewa akan jatuh lebih byk dari kuantum kenaikan semasa ekonomi berkembang. Wujud assymmetry dalam pasaran hartanah. Let us know what you think.

Bibliography Geltner, David M., Norman G. Miller, Jim Clayton, and Piet Eichholtz. 2014. Commercial Real Estate: Analysis and Investments. 3rd ed. Mason, OH

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Neighborhoods in (Peninsular) Malaysia

Since we don’t have boundaries to define microdata sets, we make our own boundaries and polygons. This is the map of all neighborhoods in Malaysia, dividing mukims into towns and kampungs.

With these polygons, it will make it easier for us to do geo-analysis especially clustering and location analysis. For example, transactions and price trends can be clustered into smaller sections of the mukims so that we can analyze the unique attribute of the area.

Where do we start? we start with this map

Then, in areas that we think have different attributes, we divide the mukims into several sub-mukim especially in urban areas. No it is not official, but works for our own use case.

What other techniques have you used for market delineation in opaque property markets?

p/s: For Borneo, we only have Sarawak’s mukim but we haven’t done anything to it. No, we dont have Sabah’s map.

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Klang Valley Average Rental Price

This is the graph according to neighborhood, which means we divided the postcode areas into several neighborhood. pure hard work and diligence by the team. We are doing this for the whole country. So that each listing that are posted on property websites are analyzed and geo-tagged to their specific location.

For now, we are only displaying the total properties. The graph shows the median price for all properties. we have not divided according to products – such as condo, flat, apartment. Please pay, hahaha.

The range is between RM500-15k per month for all properties inc flats and bungalows. Blue is low rental and brown is high. KL city centers, PJ, parts of Damansara and parts of Melawati are asking for the highest price but not necessarily fetch high rental yields.

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Where are the businesses located in Klang Valley?

Q: Where should I open my first cafe?

Recently, retail manager of a listed company posed us that question. We went back and look at the data on where do people do their business?

On high level, we see businesses concentrated on Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Selayang, PJ and Subang Jaya. When we zoomed in we saw new up coming places that might not be noticeable if you don’t live or work in the areas.

This chart has 10k data ppoints including amenities, eateries, malls and public transport.

We wanted to know which area has the highest business density in klang valley and how do business density affect price and rental of the properties and by how much. Anyway, those are the areas where the jobs are. Wherever there are jobs there always be demand for housing. Isn’t it?


Unsold completed terrace end-2018

We were looking at pricing for completed-remains-unsold terrace houses across the country as of end-2018.

We found that half of unsold terrace houses in Johor are priced more than half a million.

In Selangor, similar pricing is the most overhanged. On the other hand, Penang has very low of unsold terrace.

We are curious about Kedah and Perak. Any idea how that have sizeable overhang in terrace house?

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Bus Network in TTDI and Sungai Penchala

TTDI and Desa Sri Hartamas have many more bus stops compared to lower income area of Sungai Penchala and certain parts of Kota Damansara. Who actually rides the bus? The poor or the affluent? We need to review our bus routes to contain income inequality gap.

– We ran this campaign on twitter and received a lot of feedback. Among the interesting ones are:

“Most of the TTDI bus stops are historical. Busses themselves like Sri Jaya, Bas Mini & Intrakota had came and gone but location of the bus stops didn’t change. Busses used to start and terminate at Jln Burhanuddin Helmi in front of the former Singer shop. The Sg Penchala route was only added later. This may give some explanation why there are less bus stops in Penchala.” – Fareen Ali

“Cerita dia macam ni. Dulu Sg Penchala ada bas IntraKota. Driver akan buat uturn depan masjid untuk turnaround route. One day orang kampung block jalan. Driver bas terlanggar kereta tu. Driver kena pukul villagers. Intrakota terus stop servicing. Sendiri bodoe pukul driver” – @1Obifiend


Rental in Mont Kiara

Q: How much rental income do you expect for your property in Mont Kiara?

A: On average, the condominium market is RM3.00 psf and service residence at RM3.50 psf per month.

How much is the rental you are paying now? Are you paying below market?

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Kampung Bharu and the Redevelopment

Recently we saw Minister of Federal Territory made an offer to buy over all land plots in Kampung Bharu. While we dont have much details on that, we would like to throw in the data into the discussion on Kg Baru redevelopment.

Yes, there were not residential transactions in Kg Bharu itself. The developments and activities are on the other side of AKLEH, the highway that separates Kampung Bharu from KLCC area.

If you look at the bungalows in KL, the transaction prices on per square foot (psf) basis are on an increasing trend since 2013. Most of the transactions are still condominiums and service residences. And you can also see there is a drop in average transaction price psf in 2019

The second table is focusing on areas adjacent to Kampung Bharu – Jalan Ampang, KL City Center, Bukit Tunku, Keramat and Titiwangsa.

What about transaction within Kg Bharu, you may ask?

We will update that in the next article.


Curating the listings

We curate the best Bandar Kinrara residential property listings for you. Click the link to view:


We are trying to make it easier for potential buyers to sift through all property websites on a specific property. Try look for property and see the search results.

Or click at a property on a map (red-blue-yellow icon) and click view listing. The curated list will appear at the bottom.


For example, click the icon of the Zest and click view listing.


At the backend, we have cleaned up the listings that are old, multiple and misleading using AI and machine learning. This is not perfect yet, but we are confident that it is now about 85% there.

Stay tuned folks… we are coming out with state-of-the-arts home selection and valuation tools… probably the first ever in South East Asia