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Sri Putramas 3 (Royal Regent) Condominium Price Drop

We monitor asking price and transacted price movement for property in Malaysia and found put that some developments prices are under pressure. Sri Putramas 3 is one of it.

Asking Price

Here is the summary of Sri Putramas 3 asking price:

  • Number of units on sale is more than 100
  • Average asking price 700K
  • Average asking Price RM 530 per square feet
  • Developer : Mayland
  • Completion Year : 2013
  • Number of units : 654
  • Maintenance Fee Per Square Feet : RM 0.35
  • Developer Interest Bearing Scheme : Yes

From Nov 2018 to Dec 2018, asking price of for Sri Putramas 3 has drop. Of those property listing that drop their prices, the average drop is 7% from the previous month.

Transacted Price

Chart below, illustrates transacted property price. Price and number of units for the development peaked in 2014 and decrease thereafter.

Like many property that was financed under developer interest bearing scheme, Sri Putramas attracted speculators which have the intention to flip the property upon completion or after expiry of loan lock-in period . Can Putramas sustain price per square feet above RM500 ? Interested to know? Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.