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5 New Year’s resolutions that may help you buy a new home in 2020

It is less than a week left before we say goodbye to 2019 and greet welcome to 2020. Now maybe a good time to think about what your New Year’s resolutions will be.

If buying a home is at the top of your list, it will be helpful to have resolutions that can keep your financial health in shipshape

Cut down on monthly subscription services
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Yeah, it surely seems convenient to have monthly subscription services especially when the payments are automatically deducted from your credit cards.

But, one of the downsides of doing that is you may not realize those payments can hurt your credit rating.

To make things worse, the guy from the bank’s credit risk department may pull your report before you settle your credit card balance in full at the end of the billing cycle.

To avoid that kind of unpleasantness, only subscribe services that you need and better still, settle your bills by paying in cash via debit cards.

Pay your debts on time
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Easy to say but hard to do, all the more so for bad paymasters. Please keep in mind, nothing makes lenders happier than loans paid on time by borrowers.

Your ability to pay loans, credit cards, and bills on time will reflect positively on your credit history.

Anyhow, some people may think that it will be easier to secure loans if they haven’t borrowed money from any financial institution or made purchases using credit cards.

That is considerably untrue because your home loan application may be rejected due to your nonexistence in the credit realm.

Always monitor your credit
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You never lag in paying your loan installments and bills. So, you think your credit rating is OK. Then, you go and apply for a home loan.

All of a sudden, you find out the bank rejects your loan application because your best friend defaults on his business loan and of course, you are his guarantor.

You can save yourself from this unpleasant situation by checking your credit frequently. At least, do so once a year.

For Malaysians, you may get your credit scores from rating agencies like CTOS, Central Credit Reference Information (CCRIS), and Experian Information Services Sdn Bhd (Experian).

Resist the temptation to take big fat loans
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Forget about buying a new car or taking your family overseas on an expensive vacation. In any case, hold your horses until your home loan is approved.

Lenders are also particular about your debt-to-income ratio or to put it in layman’s term, the amount of your debt payment divided by your gross income.

Your loan application has a greater chance to be approved if you have a lower debt-to-income ratio.

The lower your debt-to-income ratio, the less likely you will face trouble in repaying the home loan in the event of financial hardship.

Don’t change jobs
Photo: Pexels

Although it sounds old-fashioned, the saying ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’ always rings true.

Potential homebuyers should stick to their current jobs as a career move especially to a different industry may raise some alarm to lenders.

Job loyalty can be a positive factor in backing your home loan application as it allows financial institutions to forecast your future income easily.

Besides, the job market in Malaysia doesn’t look good these days due to unfavorable economic conditions which began last year.

On a final note, we at Red Angpow would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. May 2020 will bring success and happiness to all of us.

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Pesta Bakar FriedChillies Putrajaya memang menggiurkan

Gambar: FriedChillies

Mengidam nak makan rusa panggang, ayam golek madu, kambing bakar, ikan bakar dan itik bakar?

Datanglah beramai-ramai ke Pesta Bakar FriedChillies yang julung-julung kali dianjurkan di Suasana PJH, Putrajaya pada 28 dan 29 Disember ini.

Yang menariknya, Pesta Bakar FriedChillies menampilkan lima juadah bakar dan panggang terbaik sepanjang ia berlangsung mulai pukul 3 petang hingga 10 malam.

Mari kita tengok apa yang ada di sana:

Ayam Golek Madu Bunohan, Kuantan
Gambar: FriedChillies

Siapa yang tak terliur bila melihat ayam golek segar yang dipanggang di atas api arang yang membahang. Walaupun dipanggang untuk tempoh yang agak lama, kulit ayam tidak kering.

Rahsianya terletak pada resipi sos perap istimewa yang menggunakan serai dan kunyit, menjadikan kulit ayam sentiasa lembab dan memelihara teksturnya.

Daging ayam yang lembut dan manis juga masak sampai ke dalam. Tak perlu lagi datang Kuantan beb, datang saja ke Pesta Bakar FriedChillies.

Beard Brother BBQ, Tropicana
Gambar: FriedChillies

Mesti ramai yang gemar makan daging bakar Beard Brother BBQ. Dengan dapur salai khas dari Australia dan direka mereka sendiri, sajian yang disediakan oleh Beard Brother BBQ memang lain dari yang lain keenakannya.

Lebih menarik, mereka juga bermurah hati menyediakan sedikit daging bakar untuk orang ramai yang ingin rasa-rasa dulu.

Datang awal, bro. Kalau lambat, gerenti habis. Memang terangkat!

Rusa Panggang & Kambing Bakar Libing Lejen, KL
Gambar: FriedChillies

Daging rusa panggang yang banyak airnya memang menggiurkan kepada sesiapa yang memandang. Lagi-lagi kalau dipanggang oleh geng-geng Libing Lejen.

Biasanya, mereka ada semasa kenduri kahwin. Itu pun kalau dapat kontrak daripada keluarga pengantin.

Tapi tak payah susah-susah pergi kenduri kahwin pada 28 dan 28 Disember ini sebab geng Libing Lejen ada di Pesta Bakar FriedChillies.

Itik Bakar Gembo, Shah Alam

Bunyi macam lagu Itik Gembo Gembo yang pernah dipopularkan oleh kumpulan A to Z pulak. Apa makna gembo tu?

Kalau tak tahu pun tak apa. Yang penting, itik bakar gembo memang terkenal dengan kemantopannya.

Itiik yang dibakar dengan rempah ratus Melayu memang sedap dimakan dengan nasi panas. Lagi-lagi kalau dicicah dengan sos cili istimewa.

Fuh! Memang terliur bila dibayangkan itik bakar gembo yang terhidang depan mata.

Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka, Jalan Bellamy
Gambar: FriedChillies

Siapa yang rajin datang makan ikan bakar di sini memang tahu masakannya memang tip-top. Beratur panjang pun tak apa, asalkan dapat makan ikan pari bakar.

Khabarnya mereka hanya guna ikan pari jantan sebab rasanya dikatakan lebih sedap. Tetapi, macam mana nak bezakan pari jantan atau betina?

Tambah pulak dengan sos perap istimewa, bungkus dengan daun pisang kemudian dibakar atas kuali leper yang besar.

Kalau dah lebih 30 tahun meniaga pun masih ramai orang datang ke kedai Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka, sudah tentu rasanya sehingga menjilat jari!

Gambar: FriedChillies

Sudah terkecur air liur? Tandakan dalam kalendar telefon siap-siap. Bawa sekali keluarga dan kawan-kawan datang Pesta Bakar FriedChillies.

Datang satu batalion pun tak apa. Lagi ramai, lagi meriah.

Sumber: FriedChillies (

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5 questions you must ask before buying a house

So, you want to buy a house. Unless you have stacks of cash at your disposal, purchasing a home requires a long-term financial commitment that may last until the next generation.

Be it a landed or a high-rise property, it is highly recommended for you to gauge your state of readiness before sealing a deal with the developer or the real estate agency.

To make life simpler, we have compiled five questions potential homebuyers must ask themselves as part of their homework prior to making the great leap forward.

1. Do I have the financial capability to purchase a home?

Well, maybe you have saved up enough money to pay the downpayment and all other costs related to the purchase. Or, you may just withdraw some money from your Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account.

Thinks look quite good for now. But, after signing the sales and purchase agreement, you find out that you may have to fork out more extra money to install iron grilles on doors and windows. Perhaps, the house needs some repairing to be done.

Besides, don’t forget to calculate other monthly financial commitments like a car loan, an education fund for your kids, study loan repayment and personal loan.

Finally, please make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses and the most important of all, to support your living and family.

2. Buy or rent?

Most of the time, it can be cheaper to rent a house rather than buying it. Of course, owning a house provides you with an indescribable sense of accomplishment (although technically, the bank owns the house until you have the loan in full).

Renting is practical when you don’t intend to stay for a long time, the rental rate is lower than the monthly loan installment, houses are ridiculously overpriced in the area you plan to live or you will inherit your parents’ house.

However, renting too has its downsides. Maybe you are unlucky enough to encounter ‘the landlord from hell’ who shirks from the responsibility of forking his or her own money to pay for the maintenance of the house.

Worse still, the landlord may bring a potential buyer to take a look at the house while you and your family can only stare in horror at the unwelcomed guests.

3. Should I sign up for a home mortgage insurance plan?

The only certainty in life is death. Grim as it may sound, every homebuyer needs to consider this fact, especially for those who are above 40 and planning to pay for their home loan installments for the next 30 or 35 years.s

Yes, you have to pay an additional sum to insure your home loan but at the same time, it bestows peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones.

Financial institutions in Malaysia offer two types of mortgage life insurance namely, Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) or Mortgage Decreasing Term Assurance (MDTA) and Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA).

Please consult your friendly banker for further information on MRTA/MDTA and MLTA to help you choose which one is the most suitable for you.

4. Does the house have a good resale or rental value?

Some people buy houses for the sake of reselling or renting them. Nothing wrong with that as it is not illegal making money that way.

Since cheap houses are hard to find these days, please perform an evaluation to ensure the prices will not plummet in the long run.

Find out the resale and rental value of other houses within the same locality and other factors that may influence the prices such as the availability of amenities, public transportation system, or crime rates.

If the forecast looks gloomy, find a house somewhere else.

5. Do I really need to buy a house at the moment?

Most of the time, newlyweds get pretty excited about buying a dream house to shelter themselves and their yet-to-be-born children.

The trend has always skewed toward homeownership especially among those with a higher level of education.

Still, always think about the future because you may need to relocate due to a change in jobs or business locations.

Don’t simply jump into the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it. The road lies ahead is full of uncertainties and you may be in for a rocky ride.

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Getting tough and fit in Cyberjaya

Photo: Cyberjaya Paintball Park

Despite its ‘nerdy’ reputation, Cyberjaya offers several facilities for those who want to sweat it all out after hectic hours at the workplace.

The range of activities available is abundant, such as futsal, badminton, go-kart, paintball, golf, swimming, tennis, squash, and the list drags on and on.

Keep your state-of-the-art gadgets away for a while and do your bodies some favors by spending time at these recreational facilities in the area.

Cyberjaya Lake Gardens Community Club

Photo: Cyberjaya Lake Gardens Community Club

You may find the club somewhere behind the Multimedia University and in the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens area.

For those who love outdoor activities, they may engage in a paintball battle, hit some golf balls at the driving range, and drive go-karts at the circuit.

Photo: Selangor Darul Ehsan Facebook page

Other things you can do here include playing badminton, basketball, futsal, squash, swimming, tennis and even beach volleyball.

Or, you just can burn those carbs away at the club’s gym.

Photo: Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya Facebook page

Cyberjaya Sports Arena

If you love football, then you must visit this sports facility frequently.

The mini stadium here has hosted so many community football matches and provides the players with the opportunity to experience the artificial turf while being cheered by their fans from the mini grandstand.

Photo: TSI Sports Arena

Besides football, you may also play a game or two of basketball, futsal, and tennis with your buddies here.

For those who want to experience life in a boot camp, you may go to Chief’s Original Bootcamp.

Time to get fit

Excited about joining classes on Les Mills Bodypump, Bodycombat, TRX, pilates, yoga and Zumba?

Well, you may sign up at three gyms and fitness centers around the area, namely, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, and Agym Fitness. – RED ANGPOW

Source: Cyberjaya Malaysia website

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Most Expensive Residences In Kuala Lumpur City Center

You probably belong to top 1% of socioeconomic pecking order if you can afford a place in the prime locations in Kuala Lumpur City Center. It is an address that belong to the high society.

Generally speaking, many of the exclusive residences in KL City Center are in close proximity to KLCC Twin Towers.

Units that has the view of KLCC Twin Towers, will fetch higher premium.

What we have charted here is price per square foot of the property. Those that are in the list are mostly serviced residence. Of course the size may vary from place to place with most of the recent development built with smaller sizes to keep the selling price per residence within the affordability.

Stay tune for more.

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5 Exclusive Penthouses For Sale In Ampang Hilir – Mar 2019

Ampang Hilir, also known as Embassy Row, is an exclusive neighborhood in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the most expensive area in Malaysia. It is the place for the high society. In this article we curate top 5 penthouse listings in Ampang Hilir.

Madge Mansion
  • Price : RM 11.67 million
  • Size : 8,019 sq. ft.
  • Bedroom : 4+1
  • Bathroom : 6

Madge Mansions is designed by Gamuda Land to exude an aura of luxury which is limited for the privileged few with discerning tastes. Each unit at Madge Mansions is articulately designed, maximizing living space for comfort, functionality and entertainment. All the en-suite bathrooms are very spacious, bright and airy, and beautifully designed with a touch of Zen.

The Concierge at Madge Mansions works from 8 am to 8 pm, and performs all kinds of amazing services for the residents of Madge Mansions – from booking your hotel stay to booking a private jet, from arranging concert tickets to arranging hospital check-ups, from dinner reservation to organizing a poolside party. It is almost like having the concierge service of Amex Centurion Card, right at the door step of your residence at Madge Mansion.

The 50 meter lap pool is beautifully designed and is a salt-water pool, something which is a luxury in Malaysia today.

Brunsfield Embassy View

Price : RM 9.75 millions

  • Price : RM 9.75 million
  • Size : 7,500 sq. ft.
  • Bedroom : 4+1
  • Bathroom : 5

Covered Parking, Gymnasium, Playground, Swimming Pool, 24hr Security

Nobleton Crest
  • Price : RM 6 million
  • Size : 5,833 sq. ft.
  • Bedroom : 4+1
  • Bathroom : 6

Nobleton Crest is the latest luxury development to make a mark in the distinguished Ampang Hilir postcode. Developed by Wing Tai Asia, the freehold apartment is set to nestle in the midst of lush and mature green leafy trees in the serene upper class Kuala Lumpur neighborhood, despite being minutes away from bustling Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang.

Emphasizing on quality, rather than quantity, Nobleton Crest offers a limited number of 25 individually cared for units. Each apartment unit are the brainchild of intelligent architecture and innovative interior designers who insist on not sparing the minute details. Therefore, every haven has an expansive and open living and dining area with airy space, complemented by 3’ x 3’ slab cut imported white marble flooring in living, dining, entertainment areas, powder room and all bathrooms. Meanwhile the bedrooms are decked with white oak timber flooring.

The bathrooms in Nobleton Crest are fully fitted with Kohler sanitary wares and fittings, vanity cabinet, toilet accessories, reflective mirror and tempered glass screen(s), ensuring the residents comfort while getting ready for a day or night out. Hot water system is installed in the dry and wet kitchen, powder room and all bathrooms, except maid room to ensure comfort and convenience.

  • Price : RM 5.8 million
  • Size : 7,128 sq. ft
  • Bedroom : 4+1
  • Bathroom : 6

Dedaun is a low rise development of 38 limited edition luxury residences intimately set in two interlocking ‘L-shaped’ blocks encircling an inner courtyard. Dedaun exhibits discreet simplicity, a perspective of luxury living with spacious living room that flows seamlessly into dining, dry kitchen with exquisite white marble floor.

Spectacular rooms with 3 metre ceiling height, 2.7 metre indoor balcony, with 270 degree view and admit natural light and fresh air. Thicker walls ensure better sound insulation, privacy and accommodates luxurious suites, walk-in wardrobes finished with designer cabinetry.

Amarin Wickham
  • Price : RM 4.75 million
  • Size : 7,128 sq. ft
  • Bedroom : 4+1
  • Bathroom : 5

Low density of 21 units, with rooftop private pool, 4 car park bays, walking distance to ISKL new international school, prestigious location in Taman U Thant, Embassy Row, Ampang Hilir

If you need more options, please click here to view.

That’s all for these month selected high-end property and please subscribe to our newsletter to receive future news in your mailbox.

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The Neighborhoods Of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, And How Much You Need To Earn To Own A Home

Neighborhood and addresses greatly influence property prices. Your address is a status symbol and gives others perception that you belong to certain socio-economic group. Isn’t this the reason why we often ask someone when we meet them, right after we learn their name – “where do you live?”.

To many discerning buyers, neighborhood plays important decision point on where to buy their houses. Great neighborhoods will make you rub shoulders with the elites and it might turn into business opportunity. Great neighborhoods most likely offer good amenities such as good schools for your children, exclusive community malls, public transportation and lifestyle that fits the elites.

As Malaysia economy progresses, the income level rises with it. Consequently, there are more people that can afford to buy homes with exclusive addresses. This has been driving the demand. In order to fill up the demand, housing developers have been building high-end condominiums and serviced residence aggressively.

Fueled by the availability of credit, low interest rate environment and increased transportation connectivity Malaysia has seen a housing boom that stretch to more than a decade. We have seen a rapid increase in supply of high end high-rise property everywhere. To certain extend it has lead to oversupply in certain areas. So, buyers please be vigilant in this overhang market as it is buyers market, and you deserve a bargain.

The most exclusive addresses

We illustrate below top 20 most expensive neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Jalan Ampang Hilir, Bangsar, Bukit Tunku, KL City Center, Damansara Heights and Mont Kiara stand out to be the most elite addresses in Malaysia. You can hardly find mid-size property priced 1.25M and below. Furthermore, the built up size of the property in these areas are relatively larger than the rest. In term of income level, the neighborhood belongs to people or family with monthly income of RM 20,000 and above.

KLCC View (Kuala Lumpur City Center)

The median price and qualifying income bracket for each neighborhood

Chart below shows the expected monthly income that you need to earn if you want to own a home in respective areas.

In this analysis we are using asking price and have excluded super house with value more than 5 millions. For installment and salary calculation, we are using prudent financial rule that 1/3 of income should be for housing need. Further assumptions made are loan duration of 25 years and housing loan interest of 4.5%.

Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Selangor median price by neighborhood

Below is the table format of the neighborhood data. We have included built up size and estimated monthly installment as well.

[table id=1 /]

We hope you get good insights form this article and as a sign of encouragement for our work, please follow our social media or subscribe to our newsletter.