Our Team

We are a bunch of data scientists, economists, bankers, real estate valuers, software engineers, and real estate enthusiasts. We combine breadth of business experience with data to give actionable insights that point you to new opportunities

What We Do



Real estate is a numbers game. Today, a host of new variables make it possible to paint better pictures of an asset’s future risks and opportunities. Potential homebuyers and renters leave behind a plethora of online trails that signal their intended next moves. Whether you’re interested in investing for capital appreciation or rental cashflow, we have analyze wide range of data to answers your questions.



Resilient smart cities are data driven. Insights shared facilitates interagency collaboration, improve partnerships with the private sector, expand public engagement and, spur actions. We have prepared wide range data bank on housing development, town planning, transportation, sentiments, land use, satellite images, and population distribution.



Today, organizations add together the context of timing and location to traditional data, creating maps that show changes over time and exactly where those changes are taking place. Maps make it easier for the eye to recognize patterns such as distance, proximity, contiguity, and affiliation. They’re easier to understand and act upon. Discover the insights with our custom GIS dahsboards. In the past we have help banks to identify location for new branches, FMCG and retail chains on geospatial segmentation, housing developers on pricing strategy & interactive map for marketing, researchers on data visualization, and smart city planning.

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