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RED ANGPOW Receives RM300,000 Grant from Cradle Fund

Cradle Fund awarded CIP300 funding to RED ANGPOW Sdn Bhd (RED ANGPOW).

RED ANGPOW is a startup for a data-driven smartcity planning platform to help valuers, townplanners, city councils and developers make better decisions in townplanning and infrastructure building.

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) is Malaysia’s early stage start-up influencer, incorporated under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) in 2003. Cradle has a mandate to fund potential and high-caliber tech startups through its Cradle Investment Programme (CIP). Cradle Investment Programme 300 (CIP300) is a pre-seed programme which provides financial and value-added assistance up to RM300,000 for entrepreneurs to kick-start innovative technology-based business ventures.

RED ANGPOW will benefit from Cradle’s support services that are designed to help nurture, develop and prepare the companies for the challenges of building a tech start-up from the ground up. These value added support includes; An enhanced Coaching and Mentoring Programme throughout the funding period, Opportunity to be matched with potential investors, Match making with Cradle’s partners, Internal Training Programme to support creation, innovation and commercialisation, Participation in Business and Networking Events under Cradle, and Media and Public relation support among many others.

RED ANGPOW is part of Cyberview’s Living Lab Accelerator Programme in Cyberjaya.

For further information please contact Erhan Azrai at