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Beware of fraudsters impersonating PR1MA sales agents

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Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) advises the public to exercise caution when approached by individuals claiming to be the sales agents of that corporation.

A statement released by PR1MA mentioned there were several cases where potential homebuyers were fraudulently deceived by those crooks.

Modus operandi

First, the scammers claimed they were acting as sales agents for PR1MA.

Then, they would ask the victims to pay a certain sum of money as deposits.

They also allegedly told the victims that deposits were required since the houses were selling at prices lower than published.

Besides, those so-called “sales agents” misled potential buyers by telling them those houses were cheaper because they were part of a program co-organized between PR1MA and government agencies.

Certainly, the fraudsters would falsely claim that the program aimed to help more people from the lower-income group or the B40s to purchase homes.

The real SOP

What the public should know is PR1MA has a standard operating procedure (SOP) in regards to purchasing homes.

Most importantly, potential homebuyers do not have to pay any registration fee to PR1MA.

Other than that, PR1MA does not appoint any agent or third-party offering form-filling services or special allocations for PR1MA homes.

sales agents
Photo: PR1MA

Booking fee

Well, the real deal is, after registration, a potential homebuyer is required to submit a booking fee of RM500 in the form of a cheque or bank draft.

The booking fee is payable to PERBADANAN PR1MA MALAYSIA or if you are in Sarawak, to PR1MA DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD.

Words of caution

PR1MA encourages potential homebuyers to take extra measures to ensure they only deal with registered PR1MA agents.

To do that, they must always insist individuals claiming to be PR1MA sales agents to present their proof of appointment first.

An extensive list of PR1MA sales partners is available on the corporation’s web site.

What else you must do?

If you have any inquiries especially in terms of the booking process or booking fee, please contact PR1MA’s official channels.

The public may send their queries via e-mail to

Photo: PR1MA

Alternatively, they may also contact the PR1MA Call Centre at 03-7628 9898, from Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm).

Besides, it is easier and more convenient to register online via the PR1MA web site.

Updates on PR1MA homes

Currently, there are 56 housing projects under PR1MA open for application by the public.

Out of that figure, 11 projects are in Perak, followed by Melaka (9), Kedah (8), and Sabah (7).

Photo: PR1MA

Meanwhile, Selangor, Johor, Pahang, and Sarawak have four PR1MA housing projects open for application in each state.

For the rest, Negeri Sembilan has three projects, followed by Kelantan (2), Pulau Pinang (2), and Perlis (1).

Further information on those housing projects is available here.

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