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Bus Network in TTDI and Sungai Penchala

TTDI and Desa Sri Hartamas have many more bus stops compared to lower income area of Sungai Penchala and certain parts of Kota Damansara. Who actually rides the bus? The poor or the affluent? We need to review our bus routes to contain income inequality gap.

– We ran this campaign on twitter and received a lot of feedback. Among the interesting ones are:

“Most of the TTDI bus stops are historical. Busses themselves like Sri Jaya, Bas Mini & Intrakota had came and gone but location of the bus stops didn’t change. Busses used to start and terminate at Jln Burhanuddin Helmi in front of the former Singer shop. The Sg Penchala route was only added later. This may give some explanation why there are less bus stops in Penchala.” – Fareen Ali

“Cerita dia macam ni. Dulu Sg Penchala ada bas IntraKota. Driver akan buat uturn depan masjid untuk turnaround route. One day orang kampung block jalan. Driver bas terlanggar kereta tu. Driver kena pukul villagers. Intrakota terus stop servicing. Sendiri bodoe pukul driver” – @1Obifiend