Analysis Property

Neighborhoods in (Peninsular) Malaysia

Since we don’t have boundaries to define microdata sets, we make our own boundaries and polygons. This is the map of all neighborhoods in Malaysia, dividing mukims into towns and kampungs.

With these polygons, it will make it easier for us to do geo-analysis especially clustering and location analysis. For example, transactions and price trends can be clustered into smaller sections of the mukims so that we can analyze the unique attribute of the area.

Where do we start? we start with this map

Then, in areas that we think have different attributes, we divide the mukims into several sub-mukim especially in urban areas. No it is not official, but works for our own use case.

What other techniques have you used for market delineation in opaque property markets?

p/s: For Borneo, we only have Sarawak’s mukim but we haven’t done anything to it. No, we dont have Sabah’s map.