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Kampung Bharu and the Redevelopment

Recently we saw Minister of Federal Territory made an offer to buy over all land plots in Kampung Bharu. While we dont have much details on that, we would like to throw in the data into the discussion on Kg Baru redevelopment.

Yes, there were not residential transactions in Kg Bharu itself. The developments and activities are on the other side of AKLEH, the highway that separates Kampung Bharu from KLCC area.

If you look at the bungalows in KL, the transaction prices on per square foot (psf) basis are on an increasing trend since 2013. Most of the transactions are still condominiums and service residences. And you can also see there is a drop in average transaction price psf in 2019

The second table is focusing on areas adjacent to Kampung Bharu – Jalan Ampang, KL City Center, Bukit Tunku, Keramat and Titiwangsa.

What about transaction within Kg Bharu, you may ask?

We will update that in the next article.